Empowering Women

ACWICT is the organization which will help us young women discover our potential and exploit it to the fullest – Anne Njoroge

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Improving Lives

The work you do as ACWICT really impacts lives and I can only hope that the impact you make creates a chain reaction in others lives to do the same! – Keter

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Creating Sustainable Wealth

It especially opened my eyes to see things differently .I truly appreciate everything i have learnt from you people. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements – Keter

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Broadening Digital Inclusion

I have carefully rewritten my CV keenly following what our mentors from Microsoft taught me. I must say that the training has impacted my life positively – Nancy

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Our Work

Established in 2001, the African Centre for Women, Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT) is a Kenya-based ICT for Development organization with a regional reach whose mission is to promote women’s access to and knowledge of ICT as tools for social, economic, and political advancement.

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Youth Empowerment

We provide high potential but disadvantaged young people with technical, life and entrepreneurship skills as well as on-the-job training and job placements support.


We believe that basic education for girls leads to better reproductive & family health, as well as lower rates of child mortality and malnutrition and a key in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS.


Increasing citizens’ participation in democratic processes is a key to sustainable development. This means ensuring equal participation between men and women in leadership and decision making processes.


Our health interventions for young people aim to develop a fundamental set of skills and competencies to deal with complex challenges of health, development and sexuality.


Voted Best Practice


Student Enrollment Rate


Employment Rate

I thought my dreams were shattered when I graduated from high school with a ‘D’ grade. Due to my bad grade & lack of college fees I could not enroll to any college. After six years, I heard about Vusha YEP. ACWICT has restored my lost dreams, I have gained a lot, and my career path is now  in ICT Brian


I currently earn an average of $1,500 monthly since its peak season for online academic writing. I was lucky I got hired by a client who was impressed and has given me an online account in their company. ACWICT saved my financial life. I am always grateful. Thank you so much Nancy

Online Freelancer

I used to hawk coffee around my home area. For me to increase my earning I had to upgrade my business and skills. That’s why I was keen on the Vusha Programe because of the training opportunities. I now have my own webdesign company and serve my community Peter


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