Meet Constantine Obuya – Director Of Zuri Awards Winning NGO ACWICT

Meet Constantine Obuya, Director of ACWICT, a Non profit organization that recently won the Zuri Awards as best NGO. Zuri Awards are sponsored by Barclays Bank of Kenya. Femme Hub interviewed her and this is what she had to say

ACWICT is a final nominee of the Zuri Award

Winning this Award gives us an opportunity to have our story told to the rest of the world with increased partnerships as a possible outcome.

Africa Code Event

The possibilities presented by technology require collective effort from both men and women to generate brilliant solutions to our problems

Beth Wangari – Africa Code Event

At the Hackathon I learnt how to code using C# language…

Ngazi Youth Empowerment program sets the pace for entrepreneurs in Busia County

Youth groups from Trans Nzoia County, Kitale town were awarded start-up kits by The Africa Centre...

Entrepreneurship competition in Busia

The competition seeks to award serious teams with business plans that can stand the test of time.

About us

We work to address the challenges faced by highly potential but disadvantaged women and youth to improve their education, employment, health and leadership opportunities reaching 25,000 women and youth impacting over 250,000 of their significant others annually.

Youth Empowerment

Since 2007, we have been implementing successful youth empowerment programs that target young people in their transition point from primary school, high school, vocational and tertiary education to the world of work.


Our goal is to support marginalized girls to complete secondary school education and access better livelihoods. We plan to train 10,000 marginalized secondary school girls aged 15-19 from various counties in Kenya.


We has been involved in the constitution review processes and referenda culminating into the Kenya Constitution, general elections 2007 and 2013; and the gender and post election peace building after the 2007 general elections.  



Our health interventions for young people aim to develop a fundamental set of skills and competencies to deal with complex challenges of health, development and sexuality.

Our Partners

Success Stories

ACWICT is recognized for its best practices in recruitment, training, placements and integrating reproductive health into youth employability training.

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“I found my voice in ICT,” Janet Aoko

“ACWICT has transformed me from a hawker to a CEO,” Peter Njenga

“Coding is my new lifeline,” Fidelis Kinyanjui

Calling for Applications

We provide programs that are demand driven empowering the youth with employable skills through in-person, in-class training and self-study. At least 80% of the young people trained are placed into jobs, internships and apprenticeship and entrepreneurs linked to financial mechanisms.

Do you know a Std 8 Leaver looking for Vocational Training, IT & Entreprenuership skills? Free training in IT & Entrepreneurship

The Ngazi project is aimed at empowering 500 youth to support the economic and social development of their communities in Busia.

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The Global Conference Social Media Week

ACWICT participated in last year’s Global Conference, Social Media Week Independent Nairobi plenary session, youth Engagement Forums, Workshops and Masterclasses. Social Media Week is a Global conference that takes place in over 20 cities worldwide with Nairobi &...

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