Violence against women is predictable and preventable

Gender-based violence (GBV) impacts the mental health of women and girls.

In Kenya, we are privileged to have elected Women Representative and it’s important for them to understand that they are not just politicians but leaders of substance and should therefore work hard on increasing the safety of women, so they live without fear of violence.

We can only conquer violence against women if we start treating this as a serious crime and not a private matter.

Here are 5 factors that are most predictive of future violence from a partner who has shown signs of violence in the past:

  • Having any history of domestic assault or a criminal record
  • Assaulting a non-domestic partner in the past
  • Exhibiting signs of substance abuse
  • Assaulting the partner when she was pregnant
  • Threatening to harm or kill the partner

We can prevent or stop gender based violence or discrimination through:

  • Create awareness on the value of girl child’s education, leadership and women’s participation in economic development
  • Establish laws and enforce existing laws that protect women from violence and discrimination
  • Incorporate programs in schools that can address gender norms and attitudes before they become deeply ingrained in children and youth.
  • The Media can help promote gender equality through creating public awareness such as campaigns and other interventions.Sensitize the public to the disadvantages of early and forced child marriages

Gender-based violence against women prevents them from full participation in society, limits access to education and economic participation, and hinders efforts to achieve gender equality broadly.

Stay safe! Call 1190/21094 to report Gender-based violence cases.