Preventing intimate partner violence by building skills

Intimate partner violence is a global health concern and a human rights violation. Intimate partner violence prevention programs have the potential to significantly improve gender-power relations in communities and to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Impact evaluations can help improve such programs by providing insights into what works, for whom and why. So far impact evaluations show the evidence gap on interventions targeted at individuals, particularly economic and social empowerment. The Intimate Partner Violence category of interventions targets different levels of the social ecology using various combinations of approaches.

There should be a big effort to report on indicators of women’s experiencing intimate partner violence. Communities should build skills and mainly on self-reporting. With less than 40% of completed impact evaluations, the information provided on vulnerable groups report effects beyond 24 months after the intervention.

Intimate Partner Violence can be prevented by the following:

  • Increase the number of health care providers who routinely ask screening questions.
  • Teaching safe and healthy relationship skills
  • Engaging influential adults and peers to create awareness
  • Creating protective environments for all genders to coexist peacefully
  • Providing economic supports for the affected families
  • Supporting survivors to increase safety and lessen harms

Protect your loved ones and stay safe! Call 1190/21094 to report Gender Based Violence cases