Violence against women and economic development

Violence against Women not only affects their personal development but that of their entire nation since it often results in death, disability, post-traumatic stress and sexually transmitted infections. With all these problems, women can hardly support themselves or contribute to the economy of their nations. The national demand of certain goods and services is also affected resulting in lower economic growth and a reduced standard of living.

Gender based violence only leads to more poverty which in turn exposes women to more violence and risk of infections creating a negative impact on the economy. The cost of this violence may include reduced or no labor power, lower earnings and profits resulting from reduced productivity, pain and suffering, negative psychological effects on children who witness violence.

Its direct health impacts to women include: death; injury; suicide; unwanted pregnancies; sexually transmitted infections; depression; alcohol use and chronic diseases

The economic costs of violence against women include: justice, health, educational, business and employment costs


Justice costs include court trials, penal and related costs such as victim compensation.


Health costs due to gender based violence is expensive for the nation and for individuals depending whether health care is publicly or privately funded


Demand for special education services increases due to behavioural problems and learning disabilities in children who witness abuse at home.

Business and Employment

When a woman is exposed to gender based violence, her work or business is significantly affected. More time is lost as she undergoes treatment or therapy, her attention is mostly distracted, and her co-workers end up spending more time covering for her.

The costs of violence impact not only on individuals or small businesses but also the larger economy. It prevents an economy from attaining its full economic potential.

Gender-based Violence is a key barrier to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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