The link between child maltreatment and intimate partner violence

Domestic violence is defined as all violence and abuse occurring in close personal relationships which can either be directly and indirectly affecting parents and the children respectively.

Research shows that in 30% to 60 % of families where domestic violence takes place, child maltreatment also occurs.

Even if children in such environments are not maltreated, they may witness parental violence, be victims of physical abuse themselves, be neglected by parents or experience harmful emotional consequences from the violence they witness. Children exposed to child maltreatment and intimate partner violence are also under-performed at school.

Mothers who had experienced Intimate partner violence are twice as likely to abuse their children.

Implications of early exposure to violence may include intergenerational transmission, in which individuals who exposed to violence as children subject their own children to violence by maltreatment or also exposure to intimate partner violence.

Children learn unhealthy ways of how to get their needs met when they are exposed to violence, either as witnesses or as direct victims. When they see that in the family one’s needs are met through abuse and violence, they are more likely to adopt similar strategies for getting their own needs met, rather than employing good communication and problem-solving skills.

Someone exposed to violence, chaos, and trauma, mostly expects the very worst, and it becomes the first thought when dealing with dangerous situations. As a result, children with hostile attribution bias may interpret accidents, such as someone bumping into them, as attacks on their safety.

Large numbers of Intimate Partner Violence make prevention of Child maltreatment less effective. Understanding the child and mother’s exposure to violence together and will help figure out how to save both parties from being victims of domestic violence that and intervene.

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