Alcohol and intimate partner violence

Alcohol use in male plays an important role in the occurrence of intimate partner violence.

Studies indicate 60% of these aggressive incidents occur within 2 hours of the perpetrators’ consumption of alcohol.

Self-determination theory show that individuals develop motivational orientations in their interactions with the environment, psychological needs, internalized behavior regulations, and motivation. Individuals with highly controlled orientation focus on personal values or choices rather than external demands

Alcohol-related negative consequences like Intimate Partner Violence are as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. Characteristics of people affected by this include: susceptibility to external pressure, defensiveness, and hostility.

Effects of excessive alcohol intake associated with Intimate Partner Violence can be solved by self-determination, a strong sense of personal values, openness to others, and supportiveness.,

The feminist theory depicts Intimate Partner Violence as male’s desperate need for attention, supremacy, power and control. Feminists usually see intimate partner violence as effects of bad cultural practices whereby men regard their wives as possessions, making it difficult for women to run away from their partner. They say men use violence as a tool to execute power and control.

Professionals dealing with Intimate Partner Violence should ensure that they keep in touch with both victims and offenders of intimate partner violence and have a core understanding of the impact of this kind of violence on victims and the factors that contribute to the violence. They should also be able to walk with the victim through the healing process.

Laws against such kinds of abuse should be put in place and strict measures to be taken on adamant perpetrators of such inhuman acts.

However, it’s important to note that intimate partner violence is not just men committing violence but sometimes women too commit such violence against their husbands.

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