The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign which takes place each year and runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day), also encompassing other important key dates. Widely known as the “16 Days Campaign”, it is used as an organizing strategy by individuals and organizations around the world to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. It was originated by the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and is coordinated by the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership. In support of this civil society initiative, each year, the United Nations Secretary-General’s campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women calls for global action to increase worldwide awareness and create opportunities for discussion about challenges and solutions. Last year, the UNiTE campaign called on governments, UN entities, civil society organizations and individuals across the world to “orange the world” to raise public awareness about the issue of violence against women and girls. As the official colour of the UNiTE campaign symbolizing a brighter future free from violence against women and girls, the colour orange was once again a uniting theme throughout all events. The initiative called on all people in all parts of the world to orange the world and step up the efforts to eliminate violence against women and girls.

The call to “ORANGE YOUR WORLD” is a united effort by UN agencies, organizations and individuals from all over the world to use the color of hope for women — symbolic of a brighter future ahead, to raise awareness about the unique plight of women and girls around the world. The “Orange Your World” campaign asks you to raise your voice and raise the colour of hope to advocate for women and girls to be lifted to a better place. This is a global call to mark Nov. 25th and the 16 Days that follow, under the umbrella of the “UNiTE” campaign:

Orange symbolizes a brighter future, a world free from violence against women and girls. Orange is the colour of the day, so splash your community, offices, malls and everywhere with this colour. Let’s together speak against all forms of gender violence. Wear Orange because violence against women and girls is an outrage we should never accept.

  • Half of the global population is a gender that is oppressed in more than half of the world’s territories. One in three women everywhere will be subjected to violence or abuse in her lifetime.
  • One in five women will be a victim of rape or an attempted rape in her lifetime, and more than 70 percent of those will be at the hands of someone she knows.
  • 120 million girls around the word have had to succumb to the blade of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and more than 80 million were married before they hit adulthood. Untold numbers suffer from honour crimes in silence.


ACWICT is organizing different activities to give women skills for employability with an Outreach in Machakos and Kajiado providing training: coding and employability. In marking 16 Days of activism against gender-based violence, ACWICT will conduct coding trainings with an aim of developing solutions that end gender based violence in society.Research shows that educating girls, can help reduce violence against women and delivers multiple returns to national social and economic development.

As such, this year we are led by the theme ‘Coding solutions to end gender based violence’. We want to deliver in this area by focusing on youth in the informal settlements and mid income areas of Nairobi and empowering them with coding skills to serve a ‘protective factor’ from gender based violence for girls and women.

Our young women have great ideas and aspirations and the key is to help channel these forces and energy to constructive and diplomatic mobile apps solutions that focus on their holistic development, seeks their best interests, and responds to their needs while simultaneously bring an end to gender based violence.

Coding not only benefits the young women’s personal development, health and well-being, but also gives them an opportunity to earn an income.

“To organize creative and visually striking “Orange Events” in neighbourhoods, communities, places of worship, local shops, post offices, libraries, and cinemas, and to decorate villages, towns and cities with orange flags, balloons, lights, flowers and signs which demonstrate that these activities are in support of this campaign –  UNiTE, to End Violence against Women.” You too can make it count. Let your voice be heard, pick a cause that benefits or empowers women, seek change and lend your voice to the human rights of women around the globe. This is a struggle to end violence against women. But it is also a march towards Universal Human Rights.

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