Mary Njeri, is a young ambitious woman, who aspires to be a mechanic. Despite the many challenges that she has gone through, she does not shy away from putting on a bold demeanor to face her day to day activities. Raised by a single mother, who relied on casual jobs to fend for the family, life has never been rosy. She vividly remembers the many trips they made to people’s houses to wash clothes just to get food and clothing. As a result they would miss school a lot and eventually her brother and sister dropped out.But Mary was an outgoing student, whom despite the setbacks took it upon herself to study hard at home and follow up on her teachers on areas where she needed further assistance. For her commitment to studies, she performed quite well in school. To reward her efforts, she won a partial scholarship that enabled her go through both primary and secondary education.After high school, Mary engaged in all sorts of jobs from selling insurance policies to working as a dish washer in a club to make ends meets. In all these, she felt like she has not accomplished her purpose in life. When she heard of The Vusha Youth Employability Program, she immediately realized that the program is the perfect vehicle to her career ambitions.
“The program was providing short courses going for 3 months which was very appealing, and that encouraged me to apply for it,” says Mary.
Following a thorough screening process, Mary was enrolled for a course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics.
“I have seen potential in the field because not many women work/own garages in Kenya which is a huge gap that needs to be filled. I have done my research and I believe there are lots of opportunities for women engaging in motor vehicle mechanics sector,” says Mary.
She adds that she nothing comes easy and she is ready to face the dynamics associated with the field.
Mary began her training early in February this year, and she says with skill empowerment in the field she looks forward to owning a service station.