Before I joined Vusha Youth Empowerment program, I was employed at a primary school still in my home town where I worked as a secretary because I used to do data entry for them. This was all before I heard about the Vusha Program. When the training began what caught my attention was online work training module. I have always wanted to be self-employed and I was being given the skills and platforms to work as a transcriptionist online. After the completion of Vusha training program, I was called for an interview at some organization in town, passed the interview and worked there for a week or two but the job was so inconvenient for me. I quit immediately and went for another interview to another company in Nairobi where I was conned Ksh 3600 and I was not given any job. I shared my experience with my mentors at acwict and I was advised to focus on transcription. After some time, I landed my first job with a very good client. I gave my best in that first job and after completion, she rated me with a five star and added me more jobs. From there on I would say jobs stated flowing in.