A total of 96 girls were awarded, amongst other certificates, a digital literacy certificate having successfully completed training on computer fundamentals, technical skills (ITE), digital media / web design, online work skills, coding skills, life skills & healthcare planning and financial literacy skills. Microsoft Corporation, supported ACWICT in providing the ICT training.

Most of the girls graduating had escaped undergoing female genital mutilation.

Speaking at the event Anti FGM Chair Linah Jebii Kilimo applauded the girls for avoiding the negative norm. “This is a great move, it’s better to be baptized a rebel than having an important part of your body cut off and being forced into marriage at a tender age.”

“Investing technical IT skills in young women in West Pokot makes good economic sense, as such the girls graduating are now well endowed to become a reliable source of qualified personnel who are able to help address labor market needs across a wide range of occupations, skill levels and regions in the world,” said Ms. Constantine Obuya.