ACWICT donated educational materials to two schools in Mathare North; Hanka Educational Centre and Mathare Light Centre. ACWICT believes that provision of education is the surest way to improving women’s and youth economic standing. In addition to providing coding skills to in –school students, we also endow them with reading materials as a way of giving back to society.

“We are passionate about improving the educational needs of youth people, and by donating the books today we hope that the children from both centers will be able to pursue their career goals with confidence,” said Ms. Judith Akoth the ACWICT’s Communication Officer.

In both schools, a majority of the students are bright and very eager to learn; unfortunately they also are needy and cannot afford to buy educational materials for themselves. Despite their challenges, both school have managed to produce students with good grades.

Mr. Fred Oluoch, head teacher Hanka Educational Centre greatly thanked ACWICT for investing in the quality of education of the vulnerable children of Mathare Slums.

He said, “The support that you have given us will ensure that the orphaned students are enabled to study effectively and achieve their life goals.”

In working towards creating a favorable learning environment for the students, the schools provide a feeding program, mentorship and through support from well-wishers they also provide scholarships to the students.

ACWICT was also joined by The New African Chapter, an NGO that works towards achieving the sustainable goals in Kenya.