Issues of climate change and environmental management have become a popular topic on both national and international platforms. As the world is coming to terms to the consequences of their interaction with the environment, so are they realizing the need to conserve the environment for future generation.  Experts are therefore working around the clock to come up with mitigating mechanisms ensure that

With help from the Children and Youth Foundation of Finland ACWICT too is making a significant contribution to environmental management sustainability. This week, we were visited by Lena Sepinnen an Environmental Specialist. During the week she conducted capacity building trainings on for all staff members on the subject so that we mainstream environmental management sustainability in all our training curriculums and office activities.

“You don’t need to be natural scientists to understand and engage in environmental sustainability activities,” said Lena.

And indeed ACWICT discovered simple, practical and fun ways of conserving the environment. For example when you eat healthy you conserve the environmental, and so ACWICT staff bid farewell to the awesome terrific Tuesday pizza offers, chips and fired chicken and instead developed a green lunch menu

A majority of the staff also walk to town at least on alternate days instead of boarding a matatu and where possible hike a lift from a staff member when they traveling to the same direction. For sure we are walking the talk!

Besides this, there are other activities like printing less, switching off the lights when not in use, repairing broken taps, using energy saving bulbs and many more.

You too can contribute to conserving our environment, by properly disposing off litter, observing environmental days to reflect on your contribution to conserving the environment as well as coming up with new ways to reaching to mitigating climate change. After all nature needs us and not the other way round!