Intel Corporation hosted a celebration on 22nd October at Tamarind Tree Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. We celebrated Intel She Will Connect Program reaching its 5 million goal.

Together with other partners, we were treated to an array of traditional songs and dances from Africa as well as inspiring success stories from program beneficiaries.

The purpose of the event was not only to celebrate the achievements of the program but also to recognize and award program partners for their efforts.

“This program has two heroes, said Suraj Shah, Africa Program Director, “The women who were impacted and the people who had their eyes and ears on the ground.”

Introducing ACWICT, Mr. Suraj spoke fondly of the ACWICT Intel Partnership. “What about the young women who are not getting employed because they don’t have job ready skills? I know of one organization, ACWICT, who we have always used as a soundboard for what women need. When women come to the doors of ACWICT, they are trained and mentored to acquire job ready skills and finally transitioned into gainful employment.”

Ms Constantine Obuya, Executive Director, Accepting the Award on behalf of ACWICT

Accepting the award on behalf of ACWICT’s Executive Director, Ms Constantine Obuya. “ACWICTs and Intel’s journey started long before the launch of the Program with conversations around women and ICT.” Said Ms Obuya. “During the launch of the program we were able to find ways of working in the program in our areas of strength. Coming from a background of working with women to give them employable skills, we were able to combine our approaches and partner with Intel Corporation to provide women with Digital Literacy Skills, Online Work Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship and Job Placements.”

Grateful for the opportunity of partnering with Intel on this journey, she reiterated that together they were able to take the program to West Pokot where they were able to reach women from very disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We found ways of traversing the political unrest in Kibera and train women in Kibera. The caravan and toolkit provided by Intel has allowed us reach very remote areas and the nature of our work cannot allow us to end here. The work must continue!” Said Ms Constantine.

Ms. Constantine appreciated all the Intel She Connect partners for their contribution to the program’s ultimate success and to the achievement of the 5 million women reached which is an achievement not only for women in Africa but to the African families that are now more economically empowered as a result.

ACWICT’s work on Intel She Will Connect Program

ACWICT’s mandate in the program was to train 600 young women in Digital Literacy (using Intel Digital Literacy Curriculum) and Online Work for employability and income generation over the five-year period.

Combining broader conceptual understanding with practical skills we adapted the modular Intel® Learn Easy Steps curriculum to begin digital literacy training in Kibera and West Pokot.

Our focus was to give participants hands-on training on practical skills like browsing and email as well as help the trainees understand what is possible with the Internet. Rather than just teaching basic computer skills, we tackled how participants could use technology to gain meaningful employment, enhance their careers or start a business. At the same time, we dealt with imparts vital technology skills such as online safety and security.

ACWICT She Will Connect Success Stories

Madris Muthoni is a young mother from Kibera, having interacted with the Intel She Will Connect portal realized the benefits to joining online communities. With her Facebook account she joined ‘Kilimani Mums’ a group on Facebook. Through the group she has been able to get advice on motherhood from her elderly and more experienced friends online. She also gets information about job openings, reproductive health and mentorship from the group members.

Naomi Boundi stepped into class at the Human Needs Center in Kibera for an orientation session for the Intel She Will Connect Programme with the hope of learning about computers. At the time, Naomi Boundi described herself as a computer illiterate. After training, she got a paying job with StarTimes, a local newspaper, as a customer care agent.

Linnet, a beneficiary from ACWICT, learnt online work and started a business that currently employs 2 people. She was also able to set up an online shop where she uses Facebook and WhatsApp to market her products.

Other ACWICT Recognition & Awards

This is the second award for ACWICT this year. In January, ACWICT received the IEEE Award in 2017.

In 2017, ACWICT won the Zuri Awards for best Non-Profit Organization in 2017. Zuri Awards recognizes and supports outstanding organizations who are dedicated to creating positive change through work in their communities and those inspiring other women through exceptional displays of leadership.

In 2016, ACWICT was declared a DREAMS Innovation challenge winner where our solution was selected from more than 800 ideas to infuse new thinking and high impact approaches to empower adolescent girls in Kenya to live HIV free lives.

In 2015, ACWICT was awarded by Microsoft Corporation for the Upgrade Your World Award Initiative. an initiative that celebrates inspiring people and organizations who use technology to do great things in their communities and around the world.

We were also recognized by the United Nations Fund for International Partnerships (UNFIP) as a key contact in Africa for bridging the gender digital divide through strategic partnerships.

ACWICT Team Celebrate the Intel She Will Connect Award