After high school, my parents did not have money to further my studies. I therefore decided to look for a job so that I can earn a living and even support my siblings. Through persistence and hard work, I got a job at an M-pesa shop. The job was a little, and during my  free time, I would visit my friends who were working at a cybershop. At their shop, sometimes I would help in photocopying but I never handled the computers, due to lack of knowledge about them. While at work I met a former classmate and beneficiary of the Vusha Programme, who told me about it and encouraged me to apply.

Since I was intrigued about computers, and wanted to learn more about them as my cyber friend I applied for the programme and my application was successful. The training taught me a lot! I am now a prowess in computer packages, web design and even financial literacy. The skills attained and the certification provided has boosted both my career and personal development. I have now learnt that, “When you are learned, you are respected”! Initially I worked, as a sales attendant at a wholesale. But the certification Vusha Programme has provided has instilled the respect my employer has in me to date. I was promoted from the sales attendant to a cashier. I plan to use my certificate as a stepping stone to furthering my career in ICT.   For those who want to be a part of the Vusha Youth Employability Programme, apply and join because there is no discrimination. Regardless of your background we all learn and support one another.