Despite being competent and a certified Accountant Anne Nyambura, had never gotten formal employment. But that did not discourage her and when her mother offered her a job at their local café she did not turn it down. She ended up spending most of her days at the café and at the same time investing her free time on job searches. One evening a friend called her with a mind changing opportunity, he passed on to her information about the Ajira Digital Program.

“My friend knew about my employment woes and he wanted to extend a helping hand,” says Anne.

Anne thought it would be good to enroll for the training, because she yearned to earn money away from their family business.

On inquiring more about online work she was informed that it not only provided flexible work hours but also attracted good earning.

“The training was really helpful and I was greatly inspired by the success stories. It was a good boost to a career launch in online work,” says Anne.

The training took five days after which she was ushered into a group mentorship session. From the group she got the chance to learn from other people’s experiences and incorporate their lessons on her work. Anne made several bids which landed her an opportunity on transcription.

She finally won a bid where the client needed her to transcribe a 42min video on You-tube to word. This only took her 24hrs to complete the task after which she earned ($14) Ksh. 1400.

“Having made several bids, it felt so good to have a successful bid. Currently I am working on more bids and I intend to use the money to buy a smart phone so that I can easily communicate with clients from any location,” says Anne.

Anne is very confident of securing other bids. She encourages other young people to continue bidding for the online work jobs and clients will surely contact them. She continues to advise them that once they secure their first bid, she should do a good job and others will surely follow.