I lost my parents at the age of 6. Sadly, after their demise, my siblings and I didn’t get enough support from our extended family, so life became challenging and unbearable especially in school.

However, in spite of my difficult background I did not deter from achieving my vision –being learned. I struggled through school and managed to finish my high school, but I could proceed to university levels due to lack of school fees. I got employment in one of the local restaurants; however the money earned could not support my needs.

I heard about Vusha Youth Employability Programme from the County Government of Machakos and I was inspired to apply for the programme because the training was free and I wanted to equip myself with IT skills which a have become a critical skill in the currency job market.Through the training I have gained skills on online work, digital literacy (Microsoft Office Suite), Cisco ITE, web design, Entrepreneurship and life skills. I also signed up on the TukoWorks portal and learnt more on Customer Service, which has been an added advantage during online work.

After the training I ventured into online work, because to me it provided ready employment. Little did I know it would take me a good number of unsuccessful bids attempts before I landed on my first job. It took a lot of patience and many a times I felt like I would give up, though I knew it would be more challenging for me to get a job elsewhere.

After completing my first job, it gave me a reason to surge on , despite having difficulty in accessing internet, a computer. Today, I am no longer seeking employment but employing others. Currently, I am working online as a Virtual Assistant working for various clients across the globe. The experience has been amazing, since I started engaging in online work I have so far earned more than USD 1,000(KSH. 100,000). This has allowed me to pay school fees for my siblings and support my personal needs.

As an employer, I have recruited four others from the Vusha Programme to work with me on the current assignment.

To The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, The County Government of Machakos and ACWICT, I would like to say a big thank you for the support. You have greatly impacted on my life and your efforts are highly appreciated.