Three beneficiaries under the Intel She Will Connect Program, implemented by The African Center for Women Information and Communications Technology in partnership with Intel Corporation have been sponsored to attend a journalism training workshop in South Africa.

The training workshop aims to harness the power of new and digital media and social media platforms to push for social change and increase women’s participation in the media and social space. The participants will be given tools to be able to produce accurate, independent, high quality content on topics related to women’s empowerment addressing gender issues; promoting women’s representation in the media, challenging stereotypes and pushing for a change in social norms related to gender roles, this in order to help create social change, address inequality and ultimately empower women. The training will also focus on closing the gender/ICT gap by encouraging participants to use new technologies (e.g. mobile phones) but also produce content that is currently absent from traditional media.
This 5-day intensive course is a lively and practical seminar designed to help participants refine their skills, with particular emphasis on the coverage of women’s issues, their opinions and rights. The themes covered include: choosing the best angle for your story; getting women to speak up; presentation skills and writing for greater impact; story-telling; ethics and fact-checking; conveying a local (or national) story for a global audience; critical assessment of women’s issues coverage in the global media and safety. We will also explore what female perspectives can specifically bring to media coverage of any event or given situation.
The beneficiaries sponsored include, Ms. Claire Onzee, Ms. Victoria Adwet, Ms. Marristella Somba. They will be joined by 12 other Intel She Will Connect participants from South Africa and Nigeria.