Bilha Ondieki, the English Literature graduate says that sometimes she finds herself without work and money. She has never relented her efforts of searching for employment.

When she learnt about the Ajira Digital Program from social media, she took it upon herself to do her research and found that the training was legit beforeshe made the decision to apply.

“The training was life changing!” said Bilha, when asked for her feedback.

“I have always carried the perception that men dominate the tech world, but surprisingly in all my classes we were trained by female instructors, I was very inspired and I have since had a change in perception,”

Having completed training, she started her mentorhip where she continued to gain valuable information about bidding and negotiations for work. She also got assignments as a way of assisting her sharpen her skills and most importantly she was provided with emotional support when her bids were turned down.

After several unsuccessful attempts under Upwork, Bilha was advised to pursue other opportunities from other platforms. She decided to try out iWriter Platform, for employment opportunities. After making a couple of bids she secured work as a recruiter, where she reviews at least 50 applications a day for her employer. The assignment is meant to take 30 days with a salary of ($250) Ksh. 25,000. Bilha plans on using the money earned to open an online boutique.

“My advice for the youth, don’t just go online for social media use the resources to earn a living.” she advises.

Today, Bilha refers to herself as a go getter and takes pride in identifying herself as an excellent publicist, who is capable of driving social initiatives to a success.