Venue: All Saints
Time : 9am – 12.30pm

The ICT4Development career fair aims at exposing young women and youth to employment and entrepreneurial opportunities through different opportunities to capacity build through our different programs under the solution for employment banner.

This approach aims to connect young people to the organization’s training and mentorship model that has over recent years been implemented across all of the organization’s training programs, this model has been solely responsible for empowering around 17,603 women and youth with at least 70% of them going on to gain meaningful employment or venturing into entrepreneurial avenues.

As an organization, The African Centre for Women & ICT (ACWICT) has been at the forefront of youth empowerment since 2007 and though our efforts have been more than admirable it is still worth noting that the number of young people still missing out on opportunity to capacity build beyond their secondary school cycle due to various factors such as lack of finance, poor grades and even social biases that affect women the most, in fact, recent survey has stated that out of the 400,000 young people who are privileged enough to join secondary schools only 80,000 of them eventually join tertiary level institutions, meaning that only 15% get to advance their education

With such a high number of young men and women missing out on advancing their education through the traditional medium it is becoming more and more important to give this young people an opportunity to build their career through short, professional market oriented courses which have recently proved to have gripped the job market

ACWICT has wide experience implementing successful Digital learning, online work training programs entrepreneurship and financial literacy training, and in general youth employability programs that target high potential but disadvantaged women and youth dating back to 2007.

Through our programs, approximately 25000 young people and women have been equipped with market driven employability skills through in class technology skills training and self-study.

The #ICT4Development Career Fair will be an interesting way for the people we serve, youth and young women, to learn more about our programs, how they can access employment and entrepreneurial opportunities through our diverse training programs.

During the career fair, there will be professionals and program ambassadors to share their stories/perspectives on some of the skills that are on offer and their relevance to the job market.