I have always dreamt of becoming a financial consultant, unfortunately when I finished school, nobody was available to offer guidance and provide mentorship when I began searching for employment. After several job applications, with no response from employers I was weighed down with frustrations. Why didn’t they get back? I frequently asked myself. In their silence I could not identify the areas to improve on, and with these hard blows, I was confined to low self-esteem.


I wallowed in self-pity, but I came to the conclusion that I was simply wasting precious time. After a self-actualization session, I kicked back to life and continued making applications spreading my risks to even training programs. What unraveled next transformed my live forever! I had made an application to a program known as The Vusha Youth Employability Program. When they called me for an interview, I was ecstatic and at the same time feared disappointment. This time around, I took time to consult with family and friends on what to prepare for during an interview, thankfully I nailed it!

I was enrolled for the program, and during one of our lessons, we were introduced to the TukoWorks Youth employability and entrepreneurship portal. Having signed up to the portal I came to realize it has a lot of useful information. From it, I read about how to develop my CV, and this information boosted my confidence because I was grounded and well knowledgeable in what to do when writing a CV. In using the portal, I also undertook a course on Customer Care Relations all for free! I integrated the knowledge gained to my area of study. Having undertaken a course in Finance, I believe one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the role of financial management in a business, how to solve financial problems and identify, justify and communicate financial advice. And as such, the course really came in handy.

Currently, I am a customer care agent at StarTimes Media. At work I listen and respond to customer needs, provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints, and reach out to dormant clients to arouse their interest on our service.

With the experience that I am gaining at my place of work, I see myself at a managerial position in a financial institution in the next 4years. I also look forward to going back to school and further my studies.

I encourage to other youths is to sign up on http://www.tukoworks.co.ke/ improve on their employable skills.