ACWICT partnered with Microsoft Corporation to train young girls in an hour of code session during the GGBC Educate her parade on October 1, 2016. The aim of the training was to demystify computer science and equip the youth with competitive thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in the 21st century digital labor market.

At the parade
A total of 27 schools, foundations and corporate entities participated in the parade. This year’s theme for the parade was ‘Girls + Agricultural skills = Economic Freedom’

There were testimonials from beneficiaries of Global Give Back Circle who gave an account of how mentorship helped them get through challenging life situations.

“Education is the new currency by which nations are able to maintain economic competitiveness, and there is nothing more powerful than being able to educate your own people,” said a beneficiary from GGBC

Sarah Muthoni, also a beneficiary of GGBC also said that besides giving the girls mentorship, equipping them with agricultural skills gives them a real chance to break out of the circle of poverty.

We trained a total of 202 young girls on coding, and we were joined by Ms. Margor Cornnors from Microsoft Skill4Africa Program.
We also had adults who were very impressed with our work and approached us to reach out to other schools and train their students/youth on coding.

“I didn’t know learning coding could this fun, I definitely look forward to trying it back at home,” said Anne Waithera from Muthiga Girls.

In addition to the Hour of Code Training, ACWICT also participated in the tag-of-war games and we emerged as the undisputed champions.

The day was a great success and the parade was a good opportunity for staff team building.