After completing my high school education, my parents could not support me through tertiary education, and therefore I conceded to the ‘fact’ that my studies had come temporarily to an end. Well, I am a fighter, I wasn’t just going to sit back and watch others build their dreams while I lagged behind.  I decided to pursue a career in music. During the day, I would visit the recording studio, and here I met many other artists in Kawagware. We supported one another in developing music and soon we became a family. Other than recording music, there were discourses on how we can raise funds for our music and business ideas. From these discussions, we settled on forming a youth group with an aim of using it to secure loans from financial institutions.

We came up with great business ideas but none of them secured youth empowerment loans, leaving us hopeless, and frustrated with little money to produce our music. One day, as I was walking home, I came across a Vusha YEP poster but decided to ignore it because I thought it is just another youth empowerment intervention that has never worked for us.
My turning point came when, when I met a friend who had applied, and was enrolled in the programme, he told me that even thou they had not yet completed their cycle, a classmate had already earned Ksh. 6000! He went further to explain how they have access to online jobs and the training on IT. This got me thinking, while I was at home struggling to make ends meet, through the Vusha YEP my friends were getting training and exposure to other employment opportunities. I made up my mind and applied for the next cycle. The interview felt like going for aptitude test because there were many of us, but only a few were needed, thankfully I was successful. I took my studies very seriously. We were trained on Information Essentials, Cisco Networking and a lot others. My favorite module, was web design and transcription training, because I knew it would earn me enough capital to kick-jump my music career. Without fail, after the training I ventured on online work. At first bidding for jobs was frustrating, and accessing the internet was also a challenge. But I knew nothing comes easy, I had to push my limits even harder to achieve success. After several attempts, I secured my first employment.I vividly remember, my first employment opportunity which was on transcription and my client was paying a minimum of 8 dollars per audio. I had never made so much money in a short period.

Working online has given me a different job experience, because I get to interact with different clients across the globe and work at my convenience, with flexible working hours. It has also greatly improved my financial status. With the amount earned, I have already recorded two songs, and you can find one song ‘dreamers’ on you tube

The ICT skills acquired have enable me assist fellow artists in developing video clips and post them on you tube, many others are approaching me for the same. Right now I am financially stable, I bought a smart phone that has enhanced my music career, I am launching my first album and I have moved out of my parent’s house. This empowerment has given me knowledge, skill and strength, and I want to share it with other youth.

I thank, the almighty God for giving me an eye opener. Much thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corportion, and the County Government of Kiambu for the opportunity. I also want to thank my friends and family who stood by me through the rough and good times.

To all the youth, you have all it takes to get up and work towards your dreams. No one will leave their ride for yours, so get on to your wheels for only you know where you are from and where you are heading to.