She stepped into class at the Human Needs Center in Kibera for an orientation session for the Intel She Will Connect Programme with the hope of learning about computers. At the time, Naomi Boundi described herself as a computer illiterate. Yes! She had seen computers before but had never used one; it therefore reduced her esteem in interacting with IT professionals and shrugged from venturing into the field of Information Technology.

However, when Naomi learnt about the Intel She Will Connect Project from a friend, she saw it as an opportunity to acquire skills on digital literacy and earn the bragging rights to interact with professionals from the field whom she had avoided before.

She was more inspired to join the programme because the training was free, and a certification was provided after the training stamping her authority in the field. Following the training, Naomi says she has developed skills on Microsoft publisher, PowerPoint, introduction to computer, how to use the internet, life skills, entrepreneurship and she very happy to have participated in the Hour Of Code learning session.

Through the training, her self-esteem in interacting with computers has thoroughly improved. She is now using the knowledge to assist family, friends and any person who is need of assistance in computer work. “My mother is a business woman and she needed to create fliers for her beauty shop and I did the work for her. I also made a startup business plan for my sister who wanted to start an M-pesa shop,” she says.

Currently, Naomi Boundi works at StarTimes as a customer care agent. After the training, she received a call from ACWICT’s job placement personnel who informed her of the job opportunity available. After a vigorous interview process, I was selected and now I earn a salary of Ksh. 15,000/- per month.

Naomi’s perception about computers has changed immensely since the training, she plans on venturing into graphic designing, because she has identified it as a strength and has already designed some work and has received positive responses.

Her advice to other youths is to have dedication in any activity they undertake for it to be successful.