This is first graduation in the county under the Vusha Youth Empowerment program and a total of 81 graduates received certification having earned technical digital skills in Information Technology Essentials, Online Work and Coding, Life skills for day to day life and for the workplace, healthcare planning, financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills.

The event was graced by Mrs. Florence Omieno, the Deputy County Commissioner, Kisumu Central.

She said the youth are key to the development of the nation and this is why the Kenyan government is keen on ensuring they are accommodated in all spheres of life.

“The youth have challenges, but it is out of the challenges that you find strength, have a vision and dedicate your energy to positive development issues,” she said

Mrs. Omieno was very impressed by the work the youth had done in the program, especially having viewed the websites presented by the beneficiaries. In recognizing the good work, she awarded the best female student – Ms. Elizabeth Adhiambo, with a laptop and an internship position at her office.

She further encouraged the youth to make use of opportunities such as the YAGPO, to expand on their entrepreneurship ventures in the county.

The program has done a good job in improving the economic standing for the youth and more youth want to join the program. Ms. Anne Karimi, The Programs Manager ACWICT, said “As we release the beneficiaries into the world of work, we have a long list of employers who want to absorb them into their organizations, and this shows our beneficiaries possess both the soft and technical skills required by the labor market.”

Various employer partners also attended the event to include; Maseno University, Intercomnet, Nakumatt Holdings amongst others.

Susan Makhanu, from Maseno University informed the graduates that the training is a stepping stone and they should aim at being the best in the field, working with minimal supervision. She said Maseno University is ready to work with ACWICT in providing mentorship and attachment placement to the beneficiaries.

Testimonials were also presented by 3 beneficiaries who include Paul Andaje, Mildred Shikuku and Daniel Wesonga.

“I am a cyber assistant, earning an average of Ksh. 6000 per month, thanks to the Vusha YEP training. I am now able to network different computers at the cyber-shop and solve both hardware and software problems. I also assist clients by offering typing, printing and internet services. In my line of duty, I have developed patriots due to the level of technical assistance I accord them.” said Daniel Wesonga a beneficiary of the project.

The beneficiaries were awarded certificated from the program, and the female beneficiaries also received Intel She Will Connect certificates.

Maseno University Band provided entertainment for the day, and there were plenty of snacks for the graduates at the end of the ceremony. Joining the graduates in commemorating the day were 41 continuing beneficiaries under the program.