“I set up my business 2yrs back as a virtual company and I remember setting up a Facebook page for it, however I did not fully understand the uses of its different tools,” says Mary.

As a result of these challenges, Mary was limited to only sharing posts to create publicity of her work. When Mary heard of the Boost Your Business with Facebook initiative, she could not resist the urge to improve her social marketing skills through Facebook.

Kenya is a beautiful country, rich in heritage, good climate, friendly people and the place to be for wildlife safaris. It’s for these reasons that Mary Wangithi Mugo, the Founder and CEO of Fremad Taxis and Tours was inspired to set up her company to promote tourism in the country. The business specializes in organizing hiking and camping activities, providing tour guide and taxi services as well as organizing tourist attraction sites visits.

From the training, Mary carries with her a lot of knowledge to plough back to her business.  She now fully understands how to use Facebook ads manager and the features of Facebook pages, these have allowed her to incorporate more information such as contact details for easy reach. In Addition she now has valuable reasons to plan for her page’s advertising budget.


“As a result of these changes, early last week I received a call from a new client, who wanted the company to organize a trip for his family to Nanyuki! I must say I am very happy with the short turn around period to boost sales,” she adds.


Mary vows to continue investing on Facebook as her number one marketing tool.