MiriamSadiqAfter finishing my high school education, I was just at home. During that period, I met a trainer who informed me about the project, and encouraged me to apply. Since I studied computer in high school and I yearned to work in the ICT sector in future I decided to give it a try.   My experience ever since has just been overwhelming. Currently I am working with Seven Seas Technology as a Xaba agent. Xaba is a transformative employment platform that aimed at opening up thousands of regional job opportunities for blue-collar workers. As an agent, my role is to create job profiles for those who were not computer literate and therefore needed assistance. When the job was advertised, more than 500 applicants were called for the interview, however less than 100 were successful. Many were did not make the cut because they lacked computer literacy skills required for the job description. Fortunately for me, the digital skills and certification provided by the Vusha Youth Employability Programme, enabled me to be among the successful applicants. At work, a number of employees have since felt because they had a lot of challenges in dealing with the digital work provided, which I did not experience. I was able to provide ICT support, network with a modem and also troubleshoot a computer. We were also required to provide a daily report, in Microsoft Word, since I was proficient in using the Microsoft packages; my reports are always delivered on time. The digital skills the training provided have made my work smooth, and hence my employer has retained me for the job. My journey has just begun, I still want to acquire more knowledge in ICT, that will hopefully enable me work with large scale ICT firms.I encourage anyone who hears about call for application for the Vusha Programme, to run for it! The opportunities the programme opens up are unlimited.