A total of 182 graduates under the Ngazi Youth Empowerment Program received their certification after having successfully completed three month training on vocational trade, digital literacy, life skills, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The event was graced by Mr. Eric Baraza, Assistant Director Education and ICT, County Government of Trans Nzoia.

His message for the graduates was one of encouragement. He said that the beneficiaries have proved that having the standard eight certificate alone does not bring life to an end. He went further to urge the graduates to use the skills earned to improve the lives of their community members and also improve their financial status as well as education levels.

Other guests included Mr. Duke Matara, an official from Youth Enterprise Development Fund. He stressed to the beneficiaries that they will not walk alone. He urged them to come together in groups and set up their own business, and should they encounter challenges in securing start up kits then they should not hesitate to visit their offices for he will accord them the necessary support that they need.

The graduation marked a huge personal milestone to the beneficiaries and their significant others. For many it was a renewed hope of empowerment, never had they imagined that they would have an academic graduation ceremony.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr. David Marengo says he was motivated to pursue a course in Electronics under the Ngazi YEP because he had realized an increasing demand for electricity in the country. This follows the ‘Last Mile’ initiative by the National Government that seeks to ensure that every citizen has access to electricity. Besides due to an improved economy many buildings are coming up in the town hence he knew they would need his services.

For David, pursuit for high school education came to a stop after he made the sacrifice to give his siblings an opportunity to continue with their schooling as he looks for employment to support the family which was riddled with financial constraints.

Now having completed the training under the program, he has bid goodbye to all his financial challenges.

“I no longer depend on my parents for financial support, in fact I am able to support them and this gives me a sense of satisfaction,” says David

In addition to this testimonial there was great entertainment from beneficiaries with one compositing a song – Heko! Heko! Ngazi (Congratulations Ngazi YEP) for the empowerment that they have received.

Mr. Samson Orao the Project Manager said that since the beginning of program training, 69.9% of the beneficiaries have been placed into work and 10 youth groups composing of 2-6 beneficiaries have also been awarded start-up kits.

He appealed the County Government to support the program by providing uninterrupted internet connectivity to support the digital literacy component of training and also provide transport and lunch meals to the beneficiaries especially for those who travel long distances to make it for the training.