My name is Eric Macharia Mwangi, I am currently a digital marketer and trained Carpenter and Building mason. After completing my high school education, I proceeded to the university where I took a Bachelor of Science in Community Development. My mother was a single parent, and she struggled financially to support me in university and my siblings in school unfortunately she could not sustain it. I therefore had to differ and look for other sources of funding.
Since I had always had passion in using social media, I set out to become a digital marketer, selling furniture products online for different furniture stores in Kenya. I opened up my first e-commerce company called Best-furniture – and after selling furniture for a while, I used my earnings to enroll for a Building construction and Carpentry course at Kamirithu Polytechnic to further my skills in this profession. At the polytechnic, I came to hear about VUSHA YEP, which had begun training sessions at the institution. I took up the opportunity instantly and applied for the program because I had seen the benefits of digital marketing first hand while working with my first company, Best-furniture-ideas Kenya. I knew the importance of Information Technology and how much it is improvingg efficiency in operations and service delivery.
Vusha YEP was offering CISCO Networking, Microsoft IT training which were very lucrative and most importantly the training was offered for free. I grabbed the opportunity by the horns and I’ve never looked back. The training gave me more insights on entrepreneurship, life skills, IT essentials, Networks, mobile devices, laptops and printers, PC Hardware and Software and troubleshooting steps to take when you are fixing any PC Hardware and software problems. We have also been trained on how to be a successful IT professionals by being familiar with the legal and ethical issues that are inherent in this industry.
I am currently operating a cyber in Nairobi town for my friend and it is at this space that I am continuing online marketing work for my furniture company, by operating a Facebook Page of more than 14,000Likes as of now. See our Facebook page here, Over the past two months I have made Ksh. 14,000 in sales, and my clients are impressed with the sales. I have earned Ksh.14,000/-,
I have also secured social media marketing jobs by 4 other companies in Kenya that include Weaves Haven- Dealers in Human Hair Extension, Seven Fourteen Ltd- Dealers, Glam Events- Events planning company, White-Rose Fashionz- Dealers in wedding gowns and accessories. They pay an average of Ksh.1000/- per week and commission upon sale. I plan on expanding my own online marketing company where I can provide a monthly package and handle website development, SEO and SEM, Social media marketing and Email marketing services for many companies in Kenya which are still practicing traditional marketing methods.
I urge other youths to be proactive and flexible enough to give a try to the many opportunities that come their way. I never knew I would end up selling furniture online and later on enroll for VUSHA programme, but it is because I am a positive thinker, and this has enabled me to succeed in life. Never give up and always know that any effort you put in Life will pay up.
Thanks a lot to the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, The County Government of Kiambu and ACWICT for building my career.