Castro is a young Kenyan who had been working casual jobs in the hospitality industry. His intermittent work earned him about $4 a day for about 19 hours of work a day.  With this income he improved his life and also supported his younger brother, as both their parents had passed away a few years prior.

Castro found out about ACWCIT, a Kenyan based not for-profit and enrolled in their training program where he received a CISCO certification, IT and entrepreneurship skills and training that built the skills to navigate online work platforms and successfully secure work.

Since graduating the program he has received repeat work on online work site Upwork, working as a virtual assistant to clients in the U.S and Europe. In the few months has been working he has increased his income to an average of $800 a month-more than six times the minimum wage in Kenya.

Demand from clients has grown so significantly that he is now employing two other graduates from the program to carry out some tasks. Castro also travels round his hometown of Machakos speaking to youth about the opportunities presented by online work.