Kenya is characterized by highly youthful population with over 40 per cent of its population being younger than 15 years.

This implies that over half of Kenya’s population of 40 million people is aged below 24 years, with a larger proportion being adolescents’ ages 10-19 years. This is attributed to among others the high fertility and declining mortality rates experienced in the country over the past many years.
The changing economic, social and health climate makes adolescence and youth an especially challenging time for young people in general and for young women in particular. At ACWICT, we believe that this period provides an excellent opportunity for shaping behavior among this group of the population. Our health interventions for young people aim to develop a fundamental set of skills and competencies to deal with complex challenges of health, development and sexuality. Our health programs focus on integrating Youth Reproductive Health (YRH) training in all our youth employability programs and cascade the RH knowledge through peer education.