Early on I was working as a trainer of cultural songs in schools churches. This kept me busy because I had nothing else to do but it was challenging because it was seasonal was invited by a friend who had an extra form that he had brought for his friend but the friend was not interested and that’s how I got to the chance to apply for Vusha Youth Empowerment Program. I was attracted to the program because of the name Vusha….. It sounded interesting to me coz I had no idea what was in the program so I just said to myself naenda ku vuka: and after going through the training modules kweli nilivuka !! After being trained on all the program modules I got an internship at linkon limited as an IT Technician. The company deals with Imports, Exports and transport logistics. My work involved troubleshooting PC`s and supporting system users in our Mombasa office. I worked very hard during the internship by applying the skills I got during the Vusha training and I have now been permanently confirmed as a fulltime employee.