The Vusha Girls Employability solution is designed to provide a bridge to employment to these young women. It is a demand-driven skills building program that builds the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that young women need to obtain and participate in productive work. The innovation recognizes that availability and accessibility to employment opportunities, whether formal or informal can be critical factors in deterring young women from transactional sex work and significantly decrease their exposure risk to HIV.

The program fast tracks young women career goals by providing:

  • Digital literacy,
  • Coding skills
  • Online work skills
  • Financial literacy and Entrepreneurship,
  • Life skills (including HIV education) and
  • 1 Vocational course.

Our training cycles last for only 3 months, equipping target beneficiaries with the 21st century skills highly relevant for them to succeed in both business and world of work which keeping them safe from HIV infections.