Catherine Ann Wambui is a 27year old girl from Dandora informal settlement. When she completed her high school, she performed fairly well. However finances had been a big challenge in the family, and therefore tough decisions had to be made. Her mother and other family members chose to support other siblings through school, while she was obligated to find other meaningful income generating activities to support herself.

When hopes for going on with further studies dwindled, Catherine made the decision to search for employment so as to save enough money for university education. Yet again, her efforts hit a snag when employers asked for certificates from higher institutions of learning and years of experience in their job openings.

The Intel She Will Connect training opened up her eyes to other income generating activities. She recognized her love for fashion and how she could actually maximize on it to generate sustainable income. While in class, with the digital skills, she developed a business plan to set up a second hand clothing line and she approached friends and family for start-up capital. They were supportive of her new venture and even contributed enough capital towards the business.

“I outsourced second-hand clothing from suppliers and through the sales I made profits of up to 40,000-50,000 a month (300-500USD). I am amazed by the earnings and honestly this has been an exciting entrepreneurship journey and career for I am happy to be doing very well,” says Catherine

At the moment Catherine narrates a different story! She has expanded her business empire to reach customers online through social media and she also uses these platforms to market her clothes. These efforts have increased sales and hence boosted profits.

“I am all smiles, holding my shoulders and head high due to the high quality training I have received. Were it not for the program, I would not have had the opportunity to earn enough money for my personal needs and to pursue higher education,” says Catherine