Maxmilla Anyango a mother of one, dropped out of school at form 2 due to lack of school fees. She decided to settle into marriage, unfortunately the couple did not have the financial independence that they desired and as a result Maximilla would frequently turn to her mother, a fish monger for financial support.  One day during a visit to her mother’s place, she informed her about the program having heard about it from a counselor in Busia Town.

She had greatly wished to deliver herself from the jaws of poverty through acquiring hands on skills that would boost her financial abilities and provide better care for her young one.

Motivated by her vision, she applied for a course in hair dressing and beauty therapy and went through an intense interview process. Maximilla had stayed out of school for 4 yrs, and when she was finally was accepted and enrolled for the course, she remembers the overwhelming support that she received from friends and family.

At first the encountered a lot of difficulties, but where she shared them with her neighbor who also owns a salon, she encouraged her to be visiting her so that she can practice more and be assisted on areas where she found challenges. With time she slowly perfected on the skills. Currently she works at a local salon earning at least Ksh. 200 – 3000/- per day.

“Maximilla loves her work, she is fast and always ready to serve her customers regardless of their money,” says her employer.

She adds that Maximilla offers excellent services to her customers, providing them with advice on how to maintain their hair as well as good service rates and this has made the salon grow in customers.

“I love my job, and I want to start my own salon. Had I not joined the program I would be working as a house help and people would look down upon me,” says Maximilla.

She is now able to support her family adequately and she is also working on setting up her own business. She thanks the Almighty, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, The Children and Youth Foundation, ACWICT and the County Government of Busia for the empowerment.