“Utachanuka lini?” (When will be enlightened?)

This is the question that had haunted Elizabeth Opicha, a young bubbly woman from Kibera informal settlements, for a long time. This made her hunger for digital knowledge for she wanted to become an ICT compliant young woman.

Before she joined the program, Elizabeth remembers the demeaning statements that people used to refer to her, for being a digital illiterate person. She says they badly dented her self-esteem especially when interacting with ICT savvy people. Due to her incompetence, she felt alienated from her friends.

“Even though I had a Facebook account, I couldn’t access it using a computer, I did not even have an email address, twitter and Skype accounts which were also popular amongst my friends.” She says.

Therefore when she heard about the Intel She Will Connect Program, she realized this was her time “kuchanuka” (To be enlighten)!

Having gone through the training, Elizabeth has been able to meet her key life goals in the digital world. She is overjoyed to be reunited with her digital literate friends whom she now considers as her equals. She owns various social media accounts that allow her to obtain timely news stories and no longer experiences difficulty in interacting with these accounts using a computer.

Owning to her digital skills, Elizabeth can now use the computer on different activities without any assistance, hence increasing the efficiency of work. Thanks to the knowledge on how to use the internet she can also easily identify employment opportunities online, and send out application documents through her email address hence reducing travelling cost in searching for employment.

She went further to use the digital skills earned to set up her online store which sells beauty products. She is happy with the profit margins.