Felix Omondi began his career as a mechanic. When he decided to travel to the city in search of better income generating activities, his life took a dramatic turn and landed him on the most lucrative careers of the 21st century – ICT. Following an interview session to discuss the transformative career change, this is what he had to say:
My parents did their best to provide for myself and siblings, but trouble started when my father lost his job. My mother who sold cereals at the time, was then forced to become the bread winner. She tried her best however to provide for us just like father did but her earning were never enough to cater for all our needs. Despite the many frustrations that we underwent, life became a nightmare when we lost our father. Thankfully they had put their best to educate me up until secondary school and one December holiday, my uncle asked assist him in working at his garage.
At his garage, I was majorly dealing with panel beating and engines works and I saved every penny to travel to the city in secure better employment opportunities. On arrival to Nairobi I met a Vusha YEP mobilizer who introduced me to the program and thanks to the discussion my career took a U-turn.
Vusha YEP was offering CISCO Networking, Microsoft ITE and online work training which were very lucrative and most essentially the training was offered for free. Upon enrollment I took my learning extremely serious and I’ve never looked back. The training gave me more acumen on entrepreneurship, life skills, IT essentials, Networks, mobile devices, laptops and printers, PC Hardware and Software and troubleshooting steps taken when one is fixing any PC Hardware and software problems. I was also trained on how to be a successful IT professional, as well as being accustomed to the legal and ethical issues that are inborn in this typical and dynamic world of computers.
I remember spending the whole day for several weeks just studying at the organization’s lab while others went home. The self-study sessions through different platforms have enabled me to be so insightful about web design, project management and transcription
Vusha YEP gave my first certificate on ICT, through it I was able to secure employment at Computer Doctors College. I started working as a trainer, providing my students with basic ICT skills ranging from the Microsoft Suite to website development amongst other courses. My hard work always reflected from my student’s performance, as such my supervisors deemed me as a reliable and dependable employee. In addition to the ICT skills, and good performance at work I was promoted to an office administrator.
“The skills earned have remained relevant and they have wooed other employers. Currently, I am working as website researcher at Samasauce where I provide internet search and content development services to different clients across the globe,” says Felix Omondi.
All in all, I give thanks to The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, and The African Centre for Women Information and Communication Technology for the employable skills and new life goals. May you continue impacting on the lives of youth in the country.