ACWICT participated in last year’s Global Conference, Social Media Week Independent Nairobi plenary session, youth Engagement Forums, Workshops and Masterclasses. Social Media Week is a Global conference that takes place in over 20 cities worldwide with Nairobi & Lagos being the only cities in Africa. The aim of this conference is to offer a platform where various stakeholders can discuss and showcase how technology and social media is impacting our business, culture and lives.

Two of our beneficiaries Ms. Valarie Oluoch and Mr. Eric Macharia presented the organization under the Vusha Program. Mr. Macharia made a presentation of how the social media marketing module trained under the Vusha Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) propelled his success in social media marketing. In his presentation he was able to describe tactics he uses for his success of his online furniture business call best furniture solutions. The audience was very impressed with the success story he gave and most importantly the total amount he makes through social media.

“I represent the youth who are digital oriented and with the vast opportunities available, I would like to inform my peers that there are better ways of harnessing the power of social media than just for communication,” he said.

Through the Vusha training I was taught that for the success of your online marketing strategy you need to tell a story and connect with your audience and in this you end up building trust and confidence in your clients he added.

Valarie Oluoch joined a team of professionals in a plenary session – Digital Story Telling. Digital story telling session is defined as using digital platforms to create narratives that are interactive to your audience. The discussions in the plenary session was focused on how to effectively sell a corporate brand using social media, they also discussed the dynamics in the field stating the behaviors that work best and those that have been outdated.

Some of their best practices that the plenary identified included in digital story telling; having strategy that is well informed, developing quality content – digital story telling is rich in format to choose from, having a clear knowledge of your audience, active interaction with your audience. Brand like Coca-Cola were recognized for their successful social media marketing.

The event was fruitful because we had opportunity to create awareness of our work in empowering women and youth through ICT. Our beneficiary, Eric Macharia, sold a few seats to those who attended the event. We also provided a few Vusha application application forms to the youth who attended and were interested in the program.