Do you want to know the next big idea? On the 28th November 2016 in Kitale Polytechnic, Trans Nzoia County, the Ngazi Youth Empowerment Program will hold its 1st Entrepreneurship competition in the county. Come see some of the best and viable business plans developed by the youth for a chance to win start up kits.

Through the competition Ngazi YEP, seeks to groom entrepreneurs who will create jobs, increase innovation, raise competition and change the economic opportunities and trends for our future generation.

The contestants have been trained of digital literacy, life skills, financial management and entrepreneurship coupled with a vocational trade to support the economic development of the county.

The competition is about developing unique solutions to your everyday problems. The ideas are innovative, creative, original and mind blowing!

The Ngazi YEP is funded by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and The Children and Youth Foundation. The program seeks to empower 1000 youth in Busia and Trans Nzoia counties to support the economic and social development of their communities.