I have always been engaged in voluntary services in my community, simply because I enjoy investing my time and energy to make my surroundings a better place. It is through providing voluntary services that I joined The Vusha Youth Empowerment Program, and today in addition to active volunteerism, I am employed as an ICT Support Officer and I am a scholarship award winner! It all started in church, where as a young high school graduate, I provided voluntary services of different kinds. At the time our church was offering computer packages courses at a subsidized rate, so when calls for application for the Vusha Youth Empowerment Program were announced, I run for the opportunity because of the interest I had developed in ICT field having begun the computer training course in church.

Throughout the training program, I was very intrigued with computer networking, and I took this part of training very seriously and hence gained in-depth knowledge and technical expertise on how to handle and maintain computers.

As such when I completed the program, I went back to church but this time due to the skills and certification that I possessed, I was employed as an IT technician and trainer, tasked to maintain the computers in church and at the same time involved in their computer training program.  They were very happy with my services, because initially it costed them a lot to repair and maintain their machines but with the service I provided they could now save money and invest it on other church activities.

My career continued to blossom because at work, I had the opportunity to interact with different development partners who worked with the church and as a result I made a lot of networks. Through these contacts and the level of expertise I had in ICT, I was approached by one of the organizations to provide them with ICT support. Further, during their outreaches, they continuously sought my services in designing and printing publicity materials like T-shirts, flyers, posters amongst others. The quality service that I provided to my customers attracted more clients and as a result they generously boosted my income levels.

In addition to investing time to community services, I also took the initiative to expand on my knowledge in ICT by applying for scholarship positions. It took a while, but thankfully this year I was able to win a scholarship to study Bachelors of Business in Accounting and Computing at Pacific Adventist University. I am looking forward to travelling abroad January next year and to begin another chapter of empowerment.  In the meantime, I still volunteer at church and at the same time I work with Jamii Auto as an ICT support Officer.

I would not have gotten to where I am without the training from Vusha YEP, and so I will forever remain indebted to The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft Corporation and ACWICT for the skill empowerment and career advancement that has put me at the global sphere!