Youth groups from Trans Nzoia County, Kitale town were awarded start-up kits by The Africa Centre for Women Information and Communications Technology (ACWICT) in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland and The Children and Youth Foundation. The development partners are implementing The Ngazi Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) targeting standard 8 graduates and empower them to support the economic and social development of their communities

The youth participating in the project are being trained on vocational skills, ICT skills, life skill for everyday life and work place and entrepreneurship in order to secure sustainable employment opportunities as well as income generating activities.

The awarded ceremony follows an entrepreneurship competition that aimed at breeding young employers and also encourage the youth to set up their own businesses. ACWICT thanked the contestants for taking the bold move to come up with innovative and viable business plans and improve their income generating capacities.

They were encouraged to continue working in teams, and showcase good examples to their peers because they are all capable of succeeding in businesses.

“Put the kits won into good use, we want to visit your business and be your esteemed customers because we would like to see returns of your efforts made,” said Mr. Samson Orao Ngazi YEP Programs Manager.

The award ceremony was also attended by government officials from Youth Enterprise Development Fund, Co-operative Bank and members of the Jua Kali Association.

“We wanted to find out if the skills learnt in class can be converted into innovative business ideas, and we were also keen on identifying groups who have done a good market research and fully understand their business needs, and truly we were happy to have young people who are realistic in their business plans,” said Ms. Eda Onyango from Co-operative Bank, Kitale Branch.

Mr. Duke Matara, an official from Youth Enterprise Development Fund, who was a panelist in the competition said the youth are very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and he couraged those who did not win to take up government loans and tenders to fast track your entrepreneurial initiatives.

The program is also being implemented in Busia County.