Tuko Works

In Kenya, it is estimated that 75% of the county’s population consists of the young people. Our youth have the energy, creative skills and aspirations and these are invaluable assets to the country’s economy.   However their absorption into employment still remains low. This is attributed to little or no skills required by the current job market.

TukoWorks is a youth entrepreneurship and employability portal that seeks to provide Kenyan youth with free educational resources,  career guidance services and entrepreneurial opportunities through a network of accessible tools and content.

ACWICT supports TukoWorks portal sign ups by carrying out outreach programs to higher institutions of learning and events targeting the youth. During this outreaches, we conduct trainings on how to plan for a career and entrepreneurship. We also create awareness on the online courses offered by the platform and employment opportunities posted on the website. Participants who have successfully undergone the training and signed-up in the portal build networks and connect with other young people to develop their careers and enterprises.


Geographical Locations of Tuko Works Project

Geographical Locations of Tuko Works Project


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