My name is Victoria Adwet Omondi; I am a student and vibrant freelance journalist based in Kisumu Kenya. I learnt about Intel She Will Connect program while working as a volunteer. Since I had the ambition to spice up my journalism career with digital literacy skills, I felt like the training was the perfect vehicle to make this dream a reality. I therefore did not hesitate to apply.

The diversity in class provided a rich atmosphere to learn. The trainers were very friendly thus making it easy to approach them whenever we had inquiries. As a result of my engagement with the program, I was amongst the few beneficiaries selected to attend a journalism training sponsored by the program and Thomson Reuters Foundation in South Africa. It was my first time to travel abroad, and the ambiance in the country was breath taking.

The training shade a lot of light on the role of women in journalism, and as a trainee I also learnt how to develop informative articles on women empowerment. During the training I also picked up tips on how to increase my online presence as a female journalist, and hence increase the visibility of my articles.

After the training I felt like an empowered journalist who is much more educated, experienced, and rejuvenated to develop rich content that highlighted issues that both positively and negatively affected women in society.

It has been one month since the journalism workshop, and I have been able to come up with eight news articles. All have been published on The Standard Newspaper. I also engage in online article writing where earn a few dollars for work done.

I owe much of my success to the She Will Connect Program having given me the unique opportunity to build my skills through a journalism training courtesy of the Intel She Will Connect program and Thomson Reuters Foundation. Today I take pride in reporting on development issues, keen on giving women a voice for empowerment.

Young people should take advantage of such programs. I have achieved a lot within a short span and without paying a single cent! My only investment was time and commitment. Trust me the returns are enormous!