Employment is the surest way for young women to achieve their financial independence and shun away from using sex as currency or tolerating sexual infidelity all together and gaining pathways out of poverty.

The Vusha Girls Employability Program is a workforce development program that seeks to improve employment prospects and income generating capacities of young women with high potential but disadvantaged in Kisumu and Nairobi counties of Kenya. Therefore the Vusha Girls Employability solution is designed to provide a bridge to employment to these young women.

In addition to this, lack of information or knowledge on HIV transmission and associated risk factors is also a major contributor. Vusha Girls Nairobi will be hosting a voluntary HIV and Counselling session for its beneficiaries and their partners on 31st August and 1st September, 2017 where they will be trained on HIV transmission and associated risk factors as well as voluntary counselling and testing methods.

Upon completion of training, the young women will undergo a mandatory two weeks practical training in VCT centers to gain real life experience in Voluntary Counselling and Testing services before being placed in jobs or internship opportunities. It is expected that at least 80% of the young women trained will be placed into jobs upon completion of training.

A similar event was held in Kisumu and these are the pictures.