After high school I ventured into mitumba (second hand clothes) business and I worked heartily but due to poor entrepreneurship skills my business collapsed. Upset and with no money, I turned to alcohol to drown my frustrations. I lost a lot of respect from family members and community during this period.

This was the darkest phase of my life. There were many nights spent in ditches, my friends deserted me for my erratic behavior, I lost the respect of my community and most damning of them all was the misery I brought to my parents. When sober, I loved to keep in touch with world through the internet. My Facebook account came in handy, and I spent most of my free time online making friends, seeking job opportunities and reading news stories. It was through my Facebook account that, I came across an advertisement of the Vusha Youth Empowerment Program. Having read success stories from beneficiaries of the program, I made a personal decision to apply for a second chance of redemption.

During the training I was very keen on entrepreneurship, the skills provided . I was also heavily engaged in class and after classes would stay behind to use the computers at the center. There was certainly a glimpse of hope, having been exposed to other avenues of generating income and I vowed never again to turn to alcohol for solace.

After the training, I joined my parents back home and they were very happy to find out their son has been sober for three months and counting! My home coming was comparable to the biblical prodigal son.

After the carnival, I pulled up my sleeves and embarked on serious work, I had made up my mind to give entrepreneurship a second chance. This time round my eyes were deemed on tenders. Every day I would search both the internet and newspapers for new tender opportunities. Each time I saw a tender invitation that I qualified for, using the skills gained from the Vusha YEP I would draft the required documents and send the application. I made several attempts and finally made a break through. In my first winning tender, I was hired to provide networking and cabling services to a company in Nakuru County. The employer was very happy with my work, as a result he recommended my services to other offices in the county.

Soon I was overwhelmed with several other tenders to the point of hiring other beneficiaries from the program to assist me with work. Through my earning I have been able to get back to my feet, I have a registered company that provides networking services. My money problems are a norm of the past! I have been accepted back to my community, and the from time to time parent approach me to counsel their son who victims of frustrations. My community has accepted joined a SACCO where I invest my savings.

Surely, you can achieve anything you if you put the right mindset to it. I haven’t slipped back to alcoholism ever since I joined the program, and money problems are a norm of the past too. I am a true believer of second chances, despite the many twists and turns my life has had The Vusha YEP has given me a second chance to lead a dignified life again.