The skills I have gotten from the Vusha Youth Empowerment Program have earned me tremendous respect in the society. Truly when you are learned you are respected! This situation was very different after high school. At the time my parents did not have money to take me for further studies, instead of idling at home I decided to look for a job to raise funds for my studies. I secured employment as an M-pesa attendant, although it was a full time job, I had a lot of free time at my disposal as I waited for clients. To make myself more useful I would visit my friend at the next cyber-shop to learn how to use the photocopier, printer and computer.
One day while at work I met a former classmate and beneficiary of the Vusha YEP, who told me about the program and encouraged me to apply. Since I was interested in learning more about digital technology I applied and fortunately I was called for interview. When I arrived at ACWICT’s offices, I  found so many youth who like me had come for the same purpose. The vetting was thorough and the panelists ensured only those who fit the criteria joined the program. Thankfully I was amongst the few who made the cut, I was very excited to aboard a digital and technological space and develop skills in the field.
Through the training, I have developed highly marketable skills! I am now highly knowledgeable in digital literacy, web design and even financial and entrepreneurship skills. The skills attained and the certification provided has boosted both my career and personal development. I know for sure that, “When you are learned, you are respected!”
After the program, I succeed in gaining employment, as a sales attendant at a wholesale because I could use the bar code reader, produce automated receipts and maintain a petty book. The certification Vusha YEP has provided has instilled the respect my employer has in me to date. I was promoted from the sales attendant to a cashier, I earn a better salary and my boss gives me an ear in decision making processes. I plan to use my certificate as a stepping stone to furthering my career in ICT.
For those who want to be a part of the program, apply and join because there is equal empowerment  for all, regardless of your background, we all learn and support one another.