Despite having challenges in pursuing higher education, she hadn’t given up hope of going back to school. When she heard about a youth empowerment program, targeting young people like her and providing them with skills for the job market, she could not let the opportunity pass-by.

Lucy went to Sirisia Primary School and completed class eight in 2007, unfortunately she was not able to go on with her education because of lack of funds. She therefore decide to get married and start a family.

She took the applied and was called for the interview which she passed and was accepted at Busia Polytechnic for 3 month course in Food and Beverage.

“During my course I was taken through life skills training gave me key insights into my life. I improved my communication skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills and right now I am very confident to face and handle the challenges of life. I also developed entrepreneurship and ICT skills and most importantly I gained a lot skills and knowledge in Food and Beverage which has given me an edge in the hospitality industry,” she says.

After completing the vocational training in Busia, she got a job working at Rasto Park Hotel in Busia town. Working under Rasto’s kitchen, housekeeping, and laundry departments and also from time to time serving as a waitress has allowed her put to task the skills learnt in class. She is now able to supplement her family’s income and provide for her children.

“My future is bright as my supervisor wrote me a very good recommendation letter.  There is a very good chance that I will transition to full employment.

I therefore take this opportunity to thank The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, The Children and Youth Foundation and ACWICT for empowering me and changing my life from a state of hopelessness to a woman who can meet her financial obligations. I also wish you continue being an ambassador for youth empowerment,” she adds.