Grace Muriuki is a mother of 2, and a successful virtual assistant on Upwork. When she walked into class at ACWICT, she never thought that it would transform her into one of the highest rated virtual assistants in Kenya under the Upwork portal.
“When I went into the training, I was a little older than the other girls but that did not deter me from learning because I knew it was my only ticket out of financial misery,” says Grace.
Aside from financial problems, Grace was having great challenges in raising her young children who had not yet started school. Every time she hired a nanny, they would end up mistreating her children or take off without notice. As a result she carried a double mind everywhere she went because she would constantly worry about her children. These worries ended up affecting her performance at work that eventually she was laid off from work leaving her broke! When she heard of the Vusha YEP training from a friend she had no second thoughts about applying for the program.
“I want the best for my children, and the only way I can help them grow to become their best is if I give them the best foundation about life at an early stage and this is why I choose they raise them myself,” says Grace.
“And so when I heard of a training that was giving women skills to work from home I had no second thoughts,” she adds.
According to Grace, the training was delivered in a short period and most importantly it was offered free and this encouraged her to apply and attend all the hours expected from her. She was particularly interested in online work because she believed it would earn her money and also relieve her of the nanny troubles she was experiencing.
She passionately pursued it and her break through did not wait; she landed employment on her first bid.
“It has been an amazing journey, currently I am one of the highest rated virtual assistant on Upwork with a rating of 95%. This did not come easy, it took hours of bidding and developing professional relationships with my clients, there was this particular day when I worked overnight with a client until we were trending on upwork!” say Grace
“In my day-day work I always ensured that my clients document their instructions so that I deliver up to their expectations and instructions. Furthermore to be successful in online work one needs commitment and to be constantly available for her clients for this is what has attributed to my success,” she adds.
Currently Grace has a permanent job but from time to time she does other small contracts earning about Ksh. 45,000/- per month. This has enabled her to feed her children, pay for their school fees, house rent and also work from home.