The County Government of Machakos has partnered with ACWICT on “Vusha” a youth employability project.

Through its Ministry of Education, Youth and Social Services, the county has provided a room equipped with 30 computers, desks and other relevant equipment. “Vusha” is an employability project with the goal to improve employability prospects and income generating capacities of young people, aged 20-29 years from poor and disadvantaged households in Kenya. The project will expand ACWICT’s ongoing youth employability program that provides technical (IT) skills and life skills training, on-the-job experience coupled with job placement support to poor and disadvantaged young people in Nairobi’s main informal settlements by targeting an additional 4,500 youth from four counties of Mombasa, Machakos, Kiambu and Kisumu. The project will also expand employment options for the young people targeted by providing them with new and additional skills for accessing and engaging online work for generating additional income. In addition to the online work skills the project will also incorporate financial literacy skills and healthcare planning skills to enable the young people plan for their lives while gaining social support and asset-building. The young people targeted by the “Vusha” project will be at their transition point in their education from high school/vocational and/or tertiary education to the world of work. Upon completion of the training, at least 80 percent of the young people will be placed in jobs. The Vusha project will be implemented over a period of three years beginning 2014 – 2017.