intel2Long gone are the analogue days where people, especially women could not have access to digital technology. Not anymore! Today Intel® She Will Connect in partnership with Africa Center for Women Information and Communication Technology (ACWICT) are working on increasing young women’s accessibility to digital technology, through training and signing them up to Intel® She Will Connect – My Digital Journey platform.

My Digital Journey is a digital empowerment platform and community that supports women and girls in using digital technology to create new life possibilities. It also allows them to connect with other women and work with online communities to create and accomplish goals in all aspects of life.

“The platform is very interesting, it has quests that allow you to navigate through various challenges with an aim of achieving a mission,” says Lucy Buluma a trainer at ACWICT. “The best part of it is that it is interactive and user friendly.” She adds.

The platform provides a guide who takes the users through the quests, while presenting challenges. Once the user has undertaken the challenges successfully she accomplishes a mission that ushers her to the next quest. The platform is also systematic and therefore one cannot skip a challenge in order to accomplish a mission. The many young women who turned up to sign up to the platform held high hopes and expectations to acquire more knowledge on digital technology as an empowerment tool.

Maristella Somba, is among the young girls who signed up to My Digital Journey, like many other youths her age who give priority to entrepreneurship, her future aspiration is to own a business.

“Knowledge is power, and therefore signing Up to Intel® She Will Connect My Digital Journey, will allow me go a notch higher in connecting with different women around the globe who will assist me in positioning myself better in the business world,” Maristella says. “Today I own an email account and a Facebook account and therefore connecting is just a click of the button away.” She adds.

The government is equally making efforts to increase digital learning processes; through the laptop project for primary school learners. As for Sabina Chege an ECDE teacher, signing up to My Digital Journey is positive step in supporting this government’s initiative.

“I am very enthusiastic to sign up to My Digital Journey because it will allow me to share my experiences with women around the globe on how I am helping my young students solve their classroom problems through digital technology,” she says

Some of the gains expected once the women have completed the Intel® She Will Connect training and signed up to the platform are improved quality of education and information, high self-confidence, growth in the economy amongst others. However, many women in Africa tend miss out on these opportunities because of stringent gender roles.

Margaret Wambui a hairdresser encountered this challenge. She is a mother of one and therefore was forced to stay home and tend to her little one. Playing her role as a mother, coupled inadequate resources, she could not access digital technology until she was trained by ACWICT. When she heard about the Intel® She Will Connect – My Digital Journey sign up, she took up the opportunity and having no house help to take care of her child posed on challenge because she tagged her child along.

“With this empowerment, even thou I have a child I can engage in online work at the comfort of my house,” she says. “I therefore want to urge young women to take up any opportunity that presents to them digital technology empowerment.”

She stresses that access to digital technology improves the economic standards of living of young women with children, since it increases access to information, jobs and instills confidence in them to achieve more.

The Intel® She Will Connect My Digital Journey is a continuous process, and therefore the young women will continue connecting with others through social media platforms and other online platforms.

The sign up saw the young girls develop a WhatsApp group that will allow them be their sister’s keeper, in this group, they will also share ideas and opportunities to empower themselves even more.