There is nothing exciting than seeing young people live up to their full potential. In Kisumu County, Ombeyi Ward hails Simon Oyando. He is amongst the 579 graduates under the Kisumu Digital Literacy training, which aimed at improving the youth employability prospects and income generating activities. After the week of code training, Simon who was unable to continue with his studies due to financial constraints, was confident that the skills earned was a ticket out of poverty and also a chance to positively contribute to his community’s development.

Amongst his plans, are to improve security in the region. In the past, stories of petty thieves and criminal gangs terrorizing community members deeply troubled him deeply. Unfortunately some of these dangerous criminals escape the long arm of the law for years, continuing with their assaults amongst innocent victims before finally being put behind bars.

For this reason after the training, he decided to put his skills and creativity to task and developed a mobile app that would help boost security in the region.

“After the undergoing training, I came up with a mobile App concept called M-Security. Instead of using letters in messaging, the mobile App employed matrix system unique only to its intended users, and this blocks out unwarranted informers,” said Simon.

“If adopted by our security system, then criminals will never get information ahead of the police hence prompting their immediate arrest,” he added.

Simon believes that every person has the right to live in a safe environment, free from criminal attacks and roaming gangs.

After making a presentation on the mobile app to the Governor of Kisumu County, His Excellency Jack Ranguma was very impressed at his approach to fighting crime in the region. Simon is currently in communications to sell his mobile app to the County Government of Kisumu, in order to boost security in the county.